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RANDALL FOODS was established in 1953 and is considered to be one of the largest distributors in Southern California.

RANDALL FOODS is independently managed and operated. We distribute and process Beef, Chicken, and Pork in Southern California and Arizona with sales of over $200 million annually. At Randall Farms, we deliver over 500 different products, offering a wide variety of fresh beef, chicken, and pork products. Processed fresh meats include our Easy Does It Meal line. This line of meals offers todayís busy shopper a quick and fresh meal solution. These meals come complete with everything you need to make a restaurant quality meal for your family. We use the freshest ingredients to ensure a great tasting quality product.

Randall Farms is headquartered in Vernon California, this location serves as headquarters for our sales, marketing, finance, and information services departments. This office is also home for Randall Farms technical staff, including our research and development department. Randall Farms also has its own in-house graphic arts department. Here at Randall Farms we can make custom products for your community needs. From tray pack to bulk, we can develop a special flavor profile item that the consumer can only get in your store.

The focus of Randall Farms is to supply high quality products that meet the consumers' taste requirements and nutritional needs. Quality is the responsibility of every Randall Farms employee. Each day, all executives, plant supervisors, line workers and staff support personnel are committed to total quality.

Wholesome goodness for more than half a century, what began as a small chicken farm in Fontana, CA, turned into one of the largest distributors in Southern California. Los Angeles, has been a great area to grow this company, with easy access to roads and plenty of opportunity for growth. With the skills and knowledge learned decades earlier through their small chicken farm, the company embarked upon a full-scale meat distribution and processing enterprise. All details of the business were carefully outlined and given full attention. All effort are made to be certain that Randall Farm Products are above standard, unsurpassed in quality and freshness and consistently delicious.

Compelled to produce superior products, Randall Farms is guided by a theme instilled by the owner. Respect the customer by providing great customer service and top quality products. Hard work in this area is our trail to success.

Our customers are always assured fresh, high quality and flavorful products. The company continually addresses changing consumer demand with a growing selection of wholesome meat products while maintaining the strictest standards on the flagship product lines.

Constant technological updates and plant modernizations keep the company's processing facilities highly efficient and competitive. We look forward to the challenges ahead and are well positioned to continue our growth into the 21st century.

Thank you for selecting Randall Farms. We are sure you will enjoy.

Ronís commitment:

"I've been in the food business all my life, just like my dad before me and my grandfather before him. That's 100 years of experience! I can promise you that we will continue to process top quality items for our customers.

Ron Totin,